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Florida Trees 

is a limited-edition-of-eight artist books. Hand-typed onto the pages of an eighty-year old guide to Florida trees hand-painted with gesso, it includes erasures and photographs from the original volume, hand stamping, and hand-printed chromogenic photographs made with fifty-year-old film. The front and back covers are constructed from tree bark that has been painted with gesso, treated, and silk screened. It comes in a suede-lined clamshell box.

The front and back cover are constructed of sheets Melaleuca bark, painted with gesso and silk-screened. The interior was made from the pages of a vintage handbook (Florida Trees, Ethel Snyder, 1940), painted with gesso, and reinscribed (1972 IBM Selectric, Pullman numbering stamp). The chromogenic images, of a 1972 photograph, are made with the original 35mm camera (a 1949 East German Exa with a Zeiss lens and a Novoflex bellows), on fifty-year-old film (Kodak Ektacolor and Kodacolor X,1971-1975), hand-printed on Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper with an Omega enlarger, Schneider lenses, and a Collex processor. Endsheets: Yatsuo paper. Case: Alran goatskin leather, Iris bookcloth, lined with microsuede. C-22 film processing: Blue Moon Camera, Portland, Oregon. Images printed at My Color Lab, New York. Silk screen: Marcin Czajkowski, Ridgewood, New York. Binding and case: Celine Lombardi, Whitefield, Maine.

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